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Our Project

We are Experts in Creating Hi-Trade Software Robots to trade in electronic markets.

As you know, money moves through electronic markets using a home computer.

Buying and selling currencies, stocks and futures, has never been easier.

Our objective is to build Forex Robots that allows buying and selling in electronic markets that achieve big profits for it’s performance.

We are a creative Start up Company located in Florida, USA.

We are good at

Forex Market
Stock Market
Futures Market
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to investigate new strategies, methodologies and continually develop new Robots (Software to buy and/or sell currencies and/or shares in electronic marketplaces automatically) to obtain high yields, operating 24 hours a day and thus increase the property value to our shareholders.

Etrading Technologies, Inc


We develop tools that integrate with different brokers for the end user to generate their own strategies.

Some Facts About Us

By each Step Completed in our project, it drives us to create more codes, to create multiple robots and to optimize our profitability, and as a result, we will deliver an unsurpassed electronic trading experience.


Hours of work 




Also known as Expert Advisors, Robots trading strategies are converted into programming codes to produce software that buys and sells for 24 hours a day without rest, unaffected by emotions, analyzing millions of variables each second and follow to the letter the programmed strategies, whether they are a hundred or a million dollars worth of accounts.

Passion leads to create, create leads to performance, performance leads to success!

Etrading Technologies, Inc


Our proposal is to create a Corporation that develops High-Level Robots that are able to generate High Returns by trading in Electronic Markets.
The Robots are program based on a set of trading signals to buy or sell a currency pair at any one time. Robots are designed to remove the psychological element of trading, which can be detrimental. Robots are a set of predefined algorithms that automatically make decisions in the markets and require no human intervention except for programming and configuration commands.


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